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3 Minute Marketing

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles is at the forefront of technology and marketing within the Real Estate Industry.  Are you using the tools that are necessary to reach today’s buyers and sellers?  Today’s busy consumers have an endless supply of information, photos, data, video’s and so much more when they are looking to buy or sell a property.  We have built a company for tomorrow’s consumers who demand information at the speed of light.  Take a moment and look at some of our 3 Minute Marketing Video’s which are designed for you, tomorrow’s Super Agent, they are there to help you make a decision on the best Company in the Real Estate Industry to work for.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles located in Scottsdale, Arizona is actively looking for more Super Agents to join our team.  Don’t delay, contact us today.

Paint, Putty and a New Attitude

IMG_9824How important is your office space to your company’s culture?

An easy question to ask, very difficult to answer. How does one quantify the effect of the space they work in relation to their very success or failure?

Companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and any number of startups that are vying for the young, talented and intellectual crowd know that office space is critical to success. It becomes not just about the work, but also the environment where they work – a great experience all around. And, if you do it right, you’ll begin to see how office design makes an impact on your bottom line.  Is it possible to apply that same thinking to your real estate office? Now, you may not have ping pong tables, cafeterias, child care, dry cleaners, etc., in your office, but you can surely improve the space itself to make it feel less clinical and more comfortable.

Can the space you inhabit improve your business and change your culture?

We believe so. Recently we made the decision to move our Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles office. What we wanted to achieve sounded simple, but more difficult to achieve.

Our goals were to:

  • double our space,
  • reduce our costs by 40-50%,
  • Establish a more convenient location,
  • improve team culture, and
  • improve the client experience.

Most of these goals are pretty black and white – increase space, reduce costs, etc., are all basic needs and fairly easy to do if you’re willing to put in the time and energy.  But what about improving the client experience and team culture?

Improving the Client Experience

We believe this goal should be first and foremost in the minds of anyone making a change in their office.  Our specific office specializes in the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Distinctive Collection® Luxury market tier, so it was our goal to create an inviting space that matches the look and feel of the Distinctive Collection – more luxurious than a normal real estate office might feel.   As the saying goes, you only have a few moments to make a first impression.  Although our office is situated in a commercial center, upon entering you feel as though you just stepped into a luxurious living room, filled with cushy leather seating and high quality flooring, paint, lighting, art and fresh flowers.  If you’re going to take the time to come to our office in person, we sure want to make sure you are comfortable enough to stay as long as you’d like.  We take great pride in offering an assortment of snacks, soft drinks, coffee & espresso all while you listen to nice soothing jazz music.   You’ll also find we stayed true to an open concept behind the reception area where our affiliated agents are encouraged to interact with each other, spend time with each other and learn from each other.   Their success is our success, and we’ve listed their successes on the wall for all to see.

Improving the Team Culture

What we have found is that if you focus on improving the client experience, you will also improve your company culture.  So often we forget that our clients aren’t the only ones to visit the office. Our affiliated agents step into our office daily, and they want and deserve a great experience as well.    We no longer host meetings with our agents – instead, we host Happy Hours. Also, we no longer schedule events, plans, meetings in private, they’re on the calendar for all to see.   The practice of inclusiveness of our office has made a world of difference in our agents’ attitudes and willingness to participate and be present.

So if you’re wondering how to improve your company culture and your agents’ outlook:

Improve your clients’ experience and the rest will come.


To see all the Photos for our New Office click here:  Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles.

How much does a Real Estate Agent Make?

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How Much Do Agents Make How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make?

T24 Is Coming!

We are very proud of here at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles  our brand is the fastest growing Real Estate Brand in North America 5 years running.  Want to know why?  Now is your chance.  Come learn about T24 and all the fantastic tools that we have to ensure our Agents success.  We have a limited number of seats available, so RSVP today.

T24 Event, Recruitment

A Better Business Building System

business-plan-writerSuccess has many definitions in real estate, but one important component is having a work-life balance. Real estate can be a very demanding business that requires considerable time and energy to achieve success. Your income, effectiveness of time invested, and overall career fulfillment will be greatly influenced by the company you choose and the tools, systems, and support that they offer to assist you in pursuing your goals.

We developed the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Business Building System to help you do more of what you love and worry less about the other stuff.

Elements of the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Business Building System include:

  • Business Planning

  • Business Development and Prospecting

  • Instant Online Inquiry Delivery to Your Cell Phone

  • Inquiry Management

  • Personal Marketing

  • Property Marketing

  • Training and Skill Development

  • Online Marketing and Expertise

  • Client Relationship Marketing

  • Follow-Up Programs

  • Leveraging the Power of the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Brand

  • Extended Services (warranty, title, mortgage)

  • Agent Websites optimized for today’s Mobile Consumer

  • Contact Relationship Management system with built in marketing components

So many more fantastic tools are available through Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles, a company built for today’s home buyer and seller.  Have you created a Business Plan before?  Not sure where to start?  We have a simple solution for you.  Click here, answer a few questions and we will build your business plan for you and email it directly to you.

Be Better Happy Hour

We are very excited to announce our Be Better Happy Hour for New and Seasoned REALTORS.  Come and find out why Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles is one of the fastest growing Real Estate Brand in Arizona.  Meet our Owners and Teams.  Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 7.44.29 AM

Diversity in Real Estate Sales

images-1As a melting pot, America is shaped by the beliefs, customs and cultures of its diverse population. To that end, do individuals from different backgrounds hold the same vision and attitude when it comes to setting forth and achieving the American Dream of homeownership? Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate set out to find the answer to that question, and today, released national survey findings from the three largest population groups within the U.S., with an equal distribution among 400 Caucasians, 400 African Americans and 400 Hispanic Americans ages 18 and older. The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate survey results indicate that Americans from these three ethnic groups are far more alike than different when it comes to many perceptions and behaviors surrounding the home buying process. However, when it comes to considering family ties and origins when buying a home, there are key differences among these ethnicities.

A great advantage to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Clients and our Professional REALTORS are surveys like these.  We all gain valuable insight into tomorrow’s Home buyer and sellers.  This allows our Professional REALTORS to have the latest and greatest information at their disposal.  Some of the key findings from this Survey include the need for larger homes as families come together to live as multi-generational households.  Participants of the Survey also noted the importance of location of home.  At times the location or neighborhood is more important than the house itself.  Tools such as this Survey and previous Surveys outlining the Millennial Generation and Generations X & Y are also available to our Agents.

Choosing Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles as your place of employment is critical to your success.  The tools that our Professional REALTORS have at their disposal sets them apart from the rest of the market.

Check out the Diversity Survey results below.

For more information on this Diversity Survey, please click here

Do you have what it takes?


Check  your Skills here

Real Estate sales can be a challenging and rewarding career.  There is a saying in Real Estate, your worth as much as your willing to work.  So you can make as little or as much income as you can imagine all you have to do is put in the work.  Sounds easy, but it’s not always easy.  Having the right skill set is very important to your success.  How do you know if you have the right skills?  You take our Assessment Quiz.  It will outline your skill set as it relates to a successful Real Estate Career.  Where your strong skills will be reinforced and your areas where you might need a little help will be supported with training to help you succeed.

The way business is conducted in the real estate industry has certainly changed with the advent of the Internet and new technologies and consumers now know more about the home buying and selling process than ever before.

During this 25 minute interactive assessment, a moderator will guide you through a typical sales process as you interact with a young couple looking to purchase a home. This assessment will track the following key sales skills:

  • Building Rapport and Acquiring Information – can you build a relationship and establish trust?
  • Listening and Comprehension – can you consult and qualify your buyers?
  • Managing the sales process – can you move the clients towards the right action at the right time and keep the sale moving?
  • Closing Skills – can you close the sale and help your buyers find the right home?

Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive a personalized report outlining your skill set. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles Broker/Owners can use this information to put in place the right training and coaching programs to help you to launch or grow an existing real estate business.

You may be tech savvy but in order to be successful in real estate sales there are still certain basic skills you need to have. Click Here to see if you have the sales skills necessary to grow a successful real estate business.

Why you want to be a REALTOR NOW!

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 9.26.05 AM

Why is NOW the right time to become a REALTOR?

The Housing Industry is well past the bubble and there is a pent up desire to own a home.  Millions of people suffered through the downturn and are ready to make a change.  Equally important is the fact that the population is changing.   As the Generation X & Y age their desire to own a home becomes very important to their social status and their feeling of success.  Although Millions of people have lost their homes, we will see these people moving back towards Home Ownership.  Depending on their situation we may see large numbers entering the buying side within the next 3-5 years.  What we find to be very exciting is the Generations X & Y along with the Millennial Generation.

These Generations of future Home Buyers will make a significant impact into the Housing Industry in the coming years.  These Generations are very well informed, they understand how to find information and navigate the online business of Real Estate.  They are assertive and aggressive to achieve their goals.  In fact 75% of Generation X & Y individuals believe that Home Ownership is an indicator of their Success.  A Recent Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate national survey found amazing information about these future homebuyers.  This information is critical to your success as a REALTOR.  Before helping your client, you must know who your client is.

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles we know who our Clients are, and how our future Clients are, we can help you to learn the best practices to communicate with and reach tomorrow’s homebuyers.  Did you know that the Gen. X & Y individuals will sacrifice to own a home?

62% are willing to Eat out less often to save money

40% are willing to work 2 jobs to achieve their goal of homeownership

23% are willing to move back to their parents home to save

Learn more about these future homeowners by watching this short video, then call us to set up an interview

Qualities of a Great REALTOR

546918_10151082911567315_252849283_nThe most common question asked by people considering a career in real estate is, “What are the qualities of a great real estate agent?” (Okay, maybe that’s the second question after “How much money can I make?”)

  • Let’s look at the typical qualities of top-producing real estate agents:
  • Hard working
  • Goal-oriented
  • Persevering
  • Technologically proficient
  • Self-motivated
  • Ambitious
  • People-oriented
  • Flexible
  • Attentive
  • Willing to learn
  • Service-oriented
  • Confident
  • Communicative
  • Organized

The one common denominator that all successful agents share regardless of age, background, or previous experience is attitude. Successful agents have an attitude of success. The right frame of mind allows them to overcome any obstacle in order to meet their objectives with dignity, grace, and professionalism, while having fun and enjoying life at the same time!

As for the money question, the rewards of a real estate career do include a potential for high earnings. Your income directly reflects your efforts but successful agents will tell you that status in the community, autonomy, flexible schedule, helping people, the intellectual challenge, and the satisfaction from those accomplishments are equal to or greater than the financial rewards.

Do some research on becoming an agent now by trying our Career Center Tools, take a test drive by utilizing the tabs at the top of this page, where you can:

  • Play the role of an agent.
  • Interact with virtual clients interested in buying or selling property.
  • See how you measure up to the top performers in the industry.

Good Luck and we hope to hear from you soon.

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