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3 Minute Marketing

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles is at the forefront of technology and marketing within the Real Estate Industry.  Are you using the tools that are necessary to reach today’s buyers and sellers?  Today’s busy consumers have an endless supply of information, photos, data, video’s and so much more when they are looking to buy or sell a property.  We have built a company for tomorrow’s consumers who demand information at the speed of light.  Take a moment and look at some of our 3 Minute Marketing Video’s which are designed for you, tomorrow’s Super Agent, they are there to help you make a decision on the best Company in the Real Estate Industry to work for.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles located in Scottsdale, Arizona is actively looking for more Super Agents to join our team.  Don’t delay, contact us today.

Wow! You make a lot of money


How many times have you been told “You make a lot of  money”.  We have heard it time and time again, but does a REALTOR really make a lot of money?  Let’s take a look.

We would say that the two most important questions on a home sellers mind is How much is my House worth?  And the second most important question, however it usually takes a while to get to it is; How much do you charge to Sell my house?

These aren’t the only questions you will be asked, but for sure are the most important questions weighing on the minds of the Home seller.  We think it’s important to breakdown the two questions to help better understand the answers to both.

imagesHow much is my House worth?

We would like to tell you that it is a simple calculation, however it is not.  It is based on the history of the market and not the future of the market.  Even in a rapidly growing Real Estate Market the value of a home is based on the value of the homes that have recently sold in the past.  That is not to say your house can’t be listed at a higher price because the market is trending up.

What is the definition of recently?  If an appraisal is necessary for the sale of your home an appraiser typically will go back 6 months, however in a rapidly growing market, they may only go back 3 months in order to keep up with the rapid advancement.  What’s important to note here is that it is subjective how far back an appraiser may go.  Here is an example that happens more often than you might think.  A home is in the process of being appraised, however there hasn’t been any “solds” in more than say 6 months or even a year in the neighborhood.  Now in a rapidly advancing market, those comparatives would be more than a year old, and in most cases the evaluation of your home would end in a lower price evaluation because of it.

When it comes to determining the current market value of your home, a professional REALTOR is going to take their time in reviewing previously sold homes in your neighborhood and possibly a mile or two radius from your neighborhood if comparative homes are not readily available.  They will also communicate this information to an appraiser and work with them to ensure the property is properly evaluated.  Relying on a professional REALTOR who has the expertise of the area and knowledge of how an appraiser evaluates a home is a critical component to determining market valuation of your home.  However a homes evaluation doesn’t stop there, it is also based on the REALTORS knowledge of the area, their knowledge of inventory on the market at any given time, and their ability to walk through your home and add up those little details that are not so easy to quantify.

So to answer the question, What is my House worth?, is not an easy answer.  It is a complicated calculation.  When you employ a professional REALTOR to determine your homes value there is significant work and insight that goes into determining a Home’s Value.  All of the technical and intuitive skills of the REALTOR will guide them to determine what is the best possible price your house may sell at.  This will help to position the value of your home with the appraiser when the time comes.

house-value-upHow much do you charge to Sell my house?

We greatly appreciate a home seller who asks us to discount our services, after all it shows that they are looking for the best deal possible and it allows us the opportunity to talk about the process of selling a home.  There is nothing wrong with that.    And when we tell them that we charge 3% of the sale price that may seem like a tremendous amount of money.  But let’s look at how that commission is used.

Of the 3%,  3/4% goes to the Broker and Franchise Fees.  These fees allow us to work as a REALTORS, it allows us to “hang” our licenses.  Not only do  they allow us to work, they also provide us with all the tools necessary to sell our clients home including legal support to verify that all the details of your home sale are correct and legal.  This is so you don’t have to also hire a lawyer to protect yourself, essentially doubling your costs.  As a professional REALTOR we have fiduciary responsibility to our client and we take it serious.

Then we have about 1% that goes to Marketing your home.  What does that mean?  For us Marketing does not end at putting a sign in your yard and putting your house in the local MLS.  No, marketing your home is the most crucial part of ensuring that the highest number of people see your home.  Marketing costs may include Professional Photography, Graphic Design, Promotional Ads in both Digital and Print formats, Print Marketing, Digital Marketing, Website syndication, National and International Syndication, Direct Mail targeting, Local REALTOR Tours, Video Marketing, Virtual Tour Marketing, Digital Magazines, Social Media Marketing and the latest in Mobile Technology Marketing.

That leaves about 1-1/4% for us.  Once we back out the Transportation, Logistics, Continuing Education, Multiple Listing Service and Lock Box fees that leaves us with roughly 1% of the sales price of your home. Then 35-40% of that is paid to State and Federal Taxes.  That is a fairly consistent breakdown of how that 3% your going to pay us to sell your house is utilized.

Now, understanding that if we were to discount our services, we still have Brokerage, Franchise Fees, State & Federal Taxes, Continuing Education and other bills to pay and food to buy just like everyone else, so the discount has to come from somewhere.  And  it will always come from Marketing.  MARKETING YOUR HOME IS THE KEY TO SELLING YOUR HOME.  Discounted services will hurt the ability of your REALTOR to sell your home.

When sitting down with our Client during the listing appointment, instead of asking us to discount our services, ask us how our marketing plan is going to help  to sell your home.  We are very proud of our marketing programs and the value they bring to our sellers and often times there isn’t enough attention paid to that part of the discussion.

So ask yourself, do you want to sell your home or simply list your home?

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles not only do we have ensure our Clients get the best Marketing plans out there.  We also make sure that our Professional Agents know how to use these tools to succeed.

Success made easy… The Greenhouse

binhandler.ashxHere at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles we believe in order for our Professional REALTOR’S to be successful they must have the tools to help them achieve their goals.  Is it right to expect New and Veteran REALTOR’S to provide all the tools of success on their own, we don’t think so.  It is our goal to provide them to our REALTORS at no cost or at least a very minimal cost.  Success doesn’t just happen, it’s planned.  With our New Greenhouse Business Development Center you can be successful from day one.  A comprehensive Business Development Center specific to YOU.

Take a sneak peek at our New Greenhouse.

  • Print Marketing Center
  • Digital Marketing Center
  • My Listings Marketing & Management Center
  • Free REALTOR Websites
  • Industry leading Contact Manager CRM with on-click Digital Marketing Integration.
  • LeadRouter Lead Generation Tool with Contact Management integration.
  • Proprietary PinPoint Database Marketing.  Access more than 100 Million Consumers throughout the United States.
  • Individualized Learning Resource & Training Center
  • Social Media Masters Marketing Tools
  • 100’s of Instructional, Consumer Video’s all linkable and shareable

These are just a few of the great tools and features that are available to our REALTORS.  All you have to do to take advantage of these tools, is join Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles.  Call or Email us today to set up a private showing of The Greenhouse and learn more about the Real Estate Industry from the Leaders, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles.

Are you an Analog Agent?

screenshot2012-12-27at22632pmReal Estate has sure changed in the last 10 years.  It wasn’t that long ago that a Real Estate Agent was the keeper of all property information, carrying around a big ole book of properties, driving all over town to view properties and meet clients.  And if you had to get a contract signed, well that could take days.  We were the Keepers of the Information.  Those days are long gone; for most, but not all.

Professional REALTORS today are no longer the keepers of information.  We have lost that battle.  Thanks to the likes of Zillow, Trulia, and about 3000 other websites.  Today, Home buyers and Sellers can get information, pictures and videos just about anywhere they look.  Did you know that 90% of ALL Homebuyers start by researching their future home online, 90%!  Ask yourself if you’re where the buyers are?

Today a REALTOR is the most important person to a future home buyer or seller.   We no longer own the information, but we disseminate the facts and information to educate tomorrow’s clients.  We are responsible to support our clients who may need to buy or sell a property. We do that by following a code of ethics, always being accurate, honest, timely, professional and friendly.   We are the first and last stop when a client decides to purchase their dream home.

 Are you an Analog Agent?  Or an Agent of tomorrow?

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles has been built for tomorrow’s Home Sellers and Buyers.  We are the leader in the Digital Real Estate Domain.  If you’re going to be entering the Real Estate Industry, or you are currently a REALTOR who has hit a plateau but wants or needs to kick their business in gear, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles is the company that can help you to achieve your goals.

Aligning yourself with a Real Estate company that knows where tomorrows sellers and buyers are is critically important to your future success.  Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles is a Progressive company that has the tools to ensure your success.

 Which one are you?  Who do you want to be?

Analog Agent of Old Digital Dominant Agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles
Land Lines & Flip Phones Customizable Local and National Applications, Discounted Mobile Phone services
No Personal Website National, Local and Free Agent Websites with more than 40 Million Unique Visitors Nationwide.  Most Recognizable Brand in the World with 92% Recognition Rating, Property Websites
Fax Machine Efax to all Agents, eMail, Cloud Services, Fax to Voice
Pagers Email to Speech, Voxer, Text to Speech, Email Voicemails
Paper Contracts Zipform online, Sureclose Transaction Management, Paperless Transactions, Mobile Contract Management
Rolodex Smartphones, Free Contact Management Systems, Smart Group Marketing
Builder Lockbox Digital Lockbox w/ Instant Email and Expanded Security Features
Desktop Computers Mini Laptops, iPads, Kindle’s, Mobile Computing
MLS Photos (6 maximum) Multiple Photos, Automatic Uploads, Automatic Video Conversions w/ Links back
No Virtual Tours Digital Virtual tours, Video Tours
No Videos Automatic Conversion of Listing to YouTube Channel Video
Listing Distribution Automatic Distribution to more than 2000 World Wide Web Sites, free of charge
In person Signatures DocuSign, DocuSign Ink, Mobile Signatures w/ Tracking
Paper Files SureClose, Cloud Storage, Electronic Files, File Sharing and Tracking
No Applications Customized Local & National Mobile Applications
Sphere of Influence Social Media Masters, expanded sphere of influence, Digital Marketing
Walk In Leads, Floor Time Integrated LeadRouter, Contact Management, Agent Websites from more than 2000 sources
Newspaper Ads Targeted Direct Mail through PinPoint Demographics Database ensuring a greater R.O.I. to more than 100 Million Consumers
Magazine Ads Advertising in Better Homes and Gardens, Elegant Homes, WSJ and Robb Report and many other national magazines.
No Online Ads Online Marketing through Ad placements
No Social Media Marketing Digital marketing directly through the Digital Marketing Center with hosting to WWW/Facebook/Twitter/ and many more, NO Cost

If you’re the type of person who is driven to succeed, someone who doesn’t wait for it to come to you, we are a match made in heaven.  Call us today to learn how we can help you.

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